About the title "PUNTO CORONATA quasi una passacaglia" 
Corona aka punto coronato ("punto coronata" in some historical sources) is a fermata, a symbol of musical notation - a crowned dot or, colloquially, "a cyclops eye". This symbol indicates that the note or rest is to be extended beyond the normal measure. Exactly how much longer it is held is at the discretion of the performer or conductor. When the conductor shows the orchestra a fermata, not only does the music linger but time itself gets put on hold. It seems to me that the "chief conductor" from the very top has put a fermata over all mankind.
The passacaglia is a 17th century Spanish "farewell dance" in 3/4 time that became a popular form of Baroque works - with a melancholy character and a repeating line of the lower voice.
The 1st music-film: "PUNTO CORONATA quasi una passacaglia" is a work by Vladimir Genin, composed during the 1st Lockdown in March 2020.

Violin - Misha Nodelman
Guitar - Vasily Antipov
Video - Stefan Nacke, VideoHeadZ.de
January 2021

Score (free): Guitar & Art  

"As I was bathing in the waves of the extraordinary sounds that reach deep into my subconscious, I suddenly thought: history is being made right in front of us. And it is only the intrusively distracting routine that prevents us from feeling it. Someday musicologists will study, evaluate and describe it..." artguitart.ru